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I don't know how long we lay like that, but eventually I must have fallen asleep and knew nothing until the next morning when I awoke beeg coom indian beeg still in my beautiful boyfriend's strong embrace. He smiled fondly at me as I blinked up at him, trying to clear my head enough to form a coherent sentence. This seemed to be happening a lot lately, usually it was me who woke up www beeg com first, but lately www.beeg..com it had tended indian beeg to be Alex instead. "Hey." "Morning." He grinned broadly at me. "Sleep well?" "I guess." He moved one shoulder in a little half shrug and changed the subject. "Hey, d'you think you could do some of the driving on the way back down?" "Of course I can, if you'll navigate." "Cool." So saying, Alex thrust himself into a sitting https //beeg.com position. "Well, we'd better get started cleaning this place up and stuff, huh?" "Alex?" "Yup?" He turned, halfway to the stairs, and glanced back at me his face open and innocent, I guess he beag.com really did think we had to make a start. "Nothing. Go beeq.com shower." hd beeg I flapped my hand dismissively at him and rolled over again. "Okay." He replied with a goofy grin and another shrug and trotted off down the stairs. Moments later I heard the water running and decided free porn beeg I should go a beeg com little more easy on Alex, with a sigh and a grunt I pushed myself upright and went downstairs to join him slipping into the shower alongside him. I guess I startled him, he certainly jumped as I placed my hand on his shoulder, beeg black spinning round to face me, luckily I was able to prevent him slipping beeg com. and toppling over. After the initial surprise he started to laugh and we ended up clinging to one another and laughing together as the water cascaded down over us. More than an hour later, after a leisurely bout of lovemaking in the shower exploring one another's bodies slowly and gently begg allowing beeg.com the tension to build to the point where it became almost unbearable, we staggered back out of the stall still laughing like idiots. It had been wonderful, tender and extremely intimate, not to mention thoroughly enjoyable. There's https //beeg.com something about having sex in the shower that is just so amazingly invigorating, certainly one of my favorite ways to start the day. After a long slow kiss by the shower stall we toweled one another dry and got dressed back in the bedroom under the watchful glassy gaze of Billy the dog. Whatever had been bothering Alex, he seemed his usual upbeat self again, guess I just beeg hairy have that effect on men! The two of us set about site beeg.com beeg cleaning beegxxx the beeg gesetz cabin after a quick breakfast. While I cleared the fridge of any perishables Alex raked out the ashes and built up a new fire for whenever the cabin was next used. porno beeg After that we did a quick clean up, Alex making a halfhearted tour of the room with the vacuum cleaner while I collected our various belongings and packed beeg ass them back into the bags. We had the place looking completely presentable again, Blair had said just to throw towels and linen and stuff into the hamper and it's be taken care of, we sat back on the couch and in perfect unison let out deep sighs. "Well, that's done then." "Yup." Alex answered nodding amiably. "So, you ready?" "I guess so." I beeg moms paused for a moment, taking his hand. "Alex?" "Mm?" "This has been beeg xx a great weekend, Alex, beeg mature I beeg sexxn just wanted to thank you again." sex beeg I said with all the sincerity I could muster, it had beeg porche been fabulous, even with Alex's occasional bouts of moody silence. "Thank me?" He tilted his head on one side with one eyebrow raised, then his face spread beeg..com into his trademark goofy grin. "Didn't you do that in the shower?" "You are so not funny, I'm serious!" I hit him on the shoulder. "Okay, c'mon, let's roll." He pulled me to my feet with him and gave me a deep kiss and a quick, rough hug. "Thanks, Ryan, for everything." "No problem, big guy." "So wanna grab some lunch on the road?" Alex asked as he released me, then my words registered. "Big guy, huh?" "Lunch?" I ignored him pointedly and he laughed and shook his head. "Yeah, okay, so lunch?" "Sure." We got our coats and said beeg massage goodbye to the milf beeg little cabin, it had been a great couple of days together out there in beeg sex the well-maintained and carefully controlled wilderness, as close to wildlife as I needed to be. We bundled our bags into the car and Alex took first turn driving, Billy sitting in the back seat looking out the window, steering us along the wooded roads in renewed silence. I absorbed myself quietly beeg mp4 too in mulling over the stuff Alex and I beeg com had discussed over the last couple of weeks, thinking about how close the two of us had become and how much more meaningful it all seemed than any previous relationship I had been involved in. Around beeg.c an hour after we left the cabin we passed through a quiet beeg..com little town and pulled up at mom beeg the most adorable little mom beeeg and pop diner. "Look good?" "Hell yes! After all this rusticity, a slice of the 1950s beeg .com is exactly what we need." "'Rusticity'? mom beeg Man, you are so weird, Ryan." Alex laughed aloud as we got out of the car and stretched our legs before entering the diner and xnxx beeg taking a booth by the .beeg window. There were only three other customers in there, an old couple in a booth and a guy at the beeg black counter. We browsed the limited menu (not quite the 'breakfast lunch or dinner' of 'My Cousin Vinnie' but very nearly) and briefly discussed our options, which were pretty much burgers, burgers or burgers. "Afternoon, boys, beeg.con www beeg.com are you ready to order?" "Yes, ma'am, beegcom we certainly are." Alex responded with his most dazzling smile and the old woman's face just lit up. "I think I'll have the cheeseburger and a glass of OJ, please." "No problem, handsome, how about you, honey?" She turned to me with the same smile she had given Alex. "Um, cheeseburger as well, thanks, and, um, I guess a coke?" "Okay, I won't be a second with those." She beamed at us and headed off to the kitchen. "This place is cool." Alex said as soon as we beeg mp4 were alone. "Plain and simple." "Yeah, it's 'plain and beeg teen simple' all right." I looked around with a little beeg tube frown on my face. "Man, I wanna get back beeg sex video to the city and all my little luxuries." indian beeg "No soul." Alex murmured, shaking his head at me. "This is the kinda sleepy little place I beeg movies would love to live in. Get my own place, maybe my beeg .com own business and settle down." He beamed a bright, toothy smile at me. "With the man I love, of course." "Sounds wonderful." I replied wryly. "Except for one thing, small towns and gay men don't usually go well together." I lowered my voice beeg mature conspiratorially at the word porn beeg 'gay'. "Maybe. I think that's pretty dumb. You just gotta be yourself, not go into things with this huge chip on your shoulder, you expect hostility you'll get beeg/ hostility." He shrugged at me. Alex, site beeg.com beeg the proto-gay, was in many ways a lot more comfortable with his sexuality and with outward displays of it than I was, he xxxbeeg wore being my boyfriend xxxbeeg as easily as beeg mom he would a new shirt, and acted as though the change was no more significant. In other ways he was hopelessly at a loss with it all, it made me wonder. I was the political activist here, organizing rallies, giving talks and writing articles, always beeg.com/ talking about beeg milf who I was and about my lifestyle. Alex blushed like a schoolboy whenever the topic of gay sex was mentioned, but was beeg.com/ much more at ease in a beeg.con gay relationship than I would ever be. teen beeg Maybe I had too much political baggage? Maybe I was destined always to be a talker and Alex the doer. "It's more complicated than that, Alex." "No." "Yes!" "No, it's not buddy, beeg xnxx you make beeg tubes it more complicated." "There are people in the world who think beeg porno it's okay to beat a gay man to death, Alex." "And they're beeg come in the minority. Most people are basically decent, they can come to beeg hindi terms with almost anything, you just got to be open and sex beeg decent back at them." I looked at beeg come him for a moment, trying to work out if he was kidding me, but he wasn't beeg video he really believed what he was saying to me. "I'm not going to argue with you about this, Alex, but it really isn't that simple." "Ryan..." "Okay boys, hope beeg mom you enjoy it." The waitress returned to our table beeg hd and beeg. com set the food and drinks before us with a broad smile. "You need beeg massage anything else, you just let me know." We ate hungrily, our light breakfast seemed so many beeg anal hours ago and I www.beeg..com was absolutely ravenous, so the argument was forgotten as we munched contentedly on our burgers beeg and slurped our drinks happily. Finally Alex sat back with a deep sigh, pushing his plate beeg free away from himself and patting his belly with a broad grin. I was in beeg. no hurry to get started again, happy to take the day slowly and the drive home beeg anal at a leisurely pace. The waitress, whose name-tag said Joan, came back over when I too had finished and cleared our plates away, nodding and smiling at Alex as protesting about how full he was he allowed himself to be talked into a Danish with his coffee, I just ordered coffee. I www beeg smiled despite myself as беег Alex laughed and chatted with Joan, once again his natural charm had won him a friend, and I was more than happy just to watch him in action www beeg com and enjoy the warm glow beeg xxx of pride in my boyfriend. "What're you grinning at?" He asked when we free beeg were alone again and in possession teen beeg of our coffees. "You." "Why?" He tried to look stern, but ended up smiling back at me. "You're in your element, aren't you?" "I don't know what you mean." He grinned like an idiot, knowing exactly what I meant, and dropped his gaze to his coffee www beeg so I kicked him in the shins under the table until he looked up again and shrugged. "Okay, so I like small town life, sue me." "Nah, it's okay, it's kinda cute." beeg hairy "Cute, huh?" I'd hit on the right word to rankle beeg moms with him, my mission accomplished I was able to sit back and enjoy my coffee in silence. He shook his head sadly at me and gave me beeg milf a look as though I were an escaped lunatic and he was just humoring me. "Freak." "Oh, beeg sexxx thanks." I sighed, but I didn't mind really. "Can I get you boys anything else?" Joan asked returning to our booth after saying a voluble goodbye to the guy at the counter. "Oh, no thanks, we'll just take the check." I volunteered. "Okay." Joan bustled off to get the check while Alex fished in his jacket pocked for his wallet. I reached for mine at the same beeg poto time and he shot me a look that made me raise my hands in surrender and wait for him to pay. "So you boys staying in town for long?" The waitress asked Alex as we sauntered over to the counter to pay for our meals. "No, just beeg sex video passing through." Alex supplied. "We were staying up at Mr. Sutherland's cabin." "Too bad, place could use a few more good looking boys like you two around." She said smiling at Alex, but including me in the statement too. "Thanks." Alex replied laughing and blushing, though I beeh did the same so I was in no position to criticize. "Drive www.beeg com safely now." She said accepting the money from him. "And, boys?" "Yeah?" "Between you and me, I think you make a lovely couple." "What?" We said together, amazement in both our voices. "You just need to look at www.beeg your eyes, handsome." She told Alex simply, with a wide and kindly smile. "Any fool can see how much in love you are." "I..." Alex began to speak, but seemed unable to order his thoughts enough for a xxx beeg coherent response. beeg 18 "And you are one beeg video incredibly lucky boy." She told me. "The way he looks at you is so special, you've made a foolish old woman's day by coming in here." I turned to look at Alex, my mouth hanging open and he laughed at beegporn me. "Well thanks, Joan. anal beeg You've made my day site beeg.com beeg too." He said, taking me by the hand and leading me, unprotesting, to the door with a huge grin plastered across his face. "I suppose you think you won some kind of moral victory beeg.com there, huh?" I asked getting back into the beeg . car, this time in the free porn beeg driving seat. "Yup." He agreed, sliding into the passenger seat and leaning in to kiss me on the cheek. "Well you didn't, one little old lady does not signify." "Sure she does." "No, she doesn't, she means nothing, she beeg indian probably thought you were a girl." "Funny. Drive the car, wise guy." beeg sexxn He settled back into his seat, a smug grin still on his face. I guess he really beeg .com thought he'd proved something with that whole thing. The rest of the beeg movies drive went much more quickly than I had expected, probably because it had beeg tube been broken up by the stop for lunch which the journey up had not. Maybe beeg com. because this time I was driving and so there was less opportunity for my mind to beeg 4k wander, who can say? Whatever the reason beeg jepang it hardly seemed any time until we were pulling to a stop outside our building and our magical weekend was at an end. "Let's not unpack until tomorrow." I suggested as we got out of the car. "Huh?" Alex glanced over at me, a puzzled expression on his face. "Mr. Obsessive-Compulsive doesn't want to unpack." "Vacation's not over 'til we do." I explained. free porn beeg "Oh. Sure, I guess." He shrugged and walked round beeg.coom to open the trunk and haul the bags out, passing one to me. "Oh, I nearly forgot Billy!" I said as we were heading towards the apartment, so I left him standing waiting as I trotted anal beeg back beeg-com to the car for the stuffed dog. "Must wwwbeeg we call it that?" "Sure, reminds beeg gesetz me of you." I kissed his cheek and laughed .beeg as we headed into our building. "What the fuck?" Alex's beeq.com voice was even and measured beeg hindi as he ascended the stairs ahead of me, but I saw from the way he jerked upright and by the beeg milf set of beegs his shoulders that something was wrong. I tried to see round him, to see what the problem beeg was, fearing the worst that we'd been robbed or something. "What?" I demanded. "Look at this." beeg hindi He stood aside outside our door and let me climb up the last few stairs. Sloppily spray painted across the door and part of the wall on either side in lurid pink letters was a single word: faggots. "Who would do something like beag.com this?" "Alex, forget it, beag.com we'll clean it off." I shrugged, keeping my anger in beeg porn videos check. "No. I will." He unlocked the door and pushed it open, ushering me inside. "Your weekend is not over yet, Ryan. Go inside, make some coffee." "Alex, it's okay, I'll beeg beeg help." "I said 'no'. This is because of me, I'm going to clean it up." His voice beeg xxx was still measured, but there was a note of iron to it. "What do you mean it's because of you?" "This ever happen before I moved in?" He asked me, I shook free beeg my head beegxx cautiously and was about to protest his reasoning but he beeg teen kept wwwbeeg talking. "Derek beeg com and his asshole buddies did this, Ryan, and it's aimed at me." "You can't be sure of that." "I can and I am. Go into the apartment." I stared at him for a moment or two longer and then shrugged and beeg sexxn entered our apartment, beeg porno Alex right porno beeg behind me. He deposited beeg porche our bags on the living room floor and headed straight for the kitchen to get a bowl of water to clean the graffiti xxx beeg from the door. "Let me help." I insisted as he walked back past me to the door, his jaw and face set in grim lines. "Make some coffee, Ryan, I'm gonna need it." He replied closing the door softly behind himself as he exited the apartment. Moments later anal beeg I heard him beeg. scrubbing at the graffiti and allowed my fists to unclench and stood for some beeg tubes time in thought before I went to the kitchen to make the coffee. I beeg beeg was furious, if it really was Derek who was begg responsible I wanted to kill him. What a vicious, small-minded bastard, what was the point in doing something like that? I realized I was grinding my teeth as I leaned on the kitchen counter waiting for the beeg sex coffee to be ready and I took a deep breath and got control of my anger. "All done." Alex said entering the kitchen behind me and emptying the water from the bowl beegxxx www.beeg.com down the sink, he turned and gave me a tightlipped little smile. "Alex..." "Shut up Ryan, and give me a hug." He held out both arms and waited for me to step closer, before folding them tightly round beeg ass my back and burying his face in my beeg xx hair. His entire body was tense, I could feel the anger twanging in his muscles, but he seemed externally to be in complete control. We stood still, I gently stroked his back as Alex took a few deep, deep breaths and I beeg porn felt the tension easing out of him. "You always relax b eeg me, beautiful." He finally beeg poto murmured, stepping back xnxx beeg and smiling gently at me. "Now forget about it." "I can't just forget it." "Yes you can." He messed my hair up and grinned more broadly. "It doesn't matter, it's just some asshole, what he thinks doesn't matter one good goddamn, all that matters is that we milf beeg have one another. You got that?" "But, Alex..." "Ryan." He took a firm hold of both my shoulders and gave me a little shake, and gazed straight into me with his wonderfully sincere brown eyes. "Drop it. I'll take care of it." "How?" "I'll talk to him." He shrugged. "What'll that beeg sexxx achieve?" "So where's the coffee you were making?" He asked, turning away from me. "Alex, what are you beeg hot planning?" "Nothing. I said forget it, look, Ryan, someone www beeg did something dumb, I've cleaned it up, beeg jepang just drop it. Don't go on and on about it, there's no use in us getting mad, and I don't want to fight with you. Okay? So, please, just drop it." He spaced the last five words out very, very slowly and the tone of his beeg come voice made it clear that he really meant it. I wanted to know what he was thinking of doing, but there was no point in asking him again, and I knew that as far as he was concerned the matter was forgotten, I just didn't have his ability to tune stuff beegxx out like that. I knew that I, at least, was going to be worrying about it, that I couldn't just pretend that it hadn't happened. "Coffee's in beeg hd the pot." I said turning and walking out of the kitchen. "Ryan!" He called after me. "Come on, Ryan!" beeg hd He followed me to the living room where I had thrown myself down onto the couch. "Don't Alex, I can't just pretend nothing happened." "Ryan, do you care what Derek thinks of you, of us?" He squatted in front of me, between my feet and took hold of both hands looking up at me sincerely. "No, of course beeg videos not." "And do you care what I think?" "You know I do." "So Derek thinks we're faggots, and guess what, he's right. The guy's a genius, I wonder what gave us beeg teen away?" He squeezed my hands and smiled. "I think we're great, and I think so long as we keep talking to each begg other and don't let beeg-com morons like him come between beeg xvideos us, beeh we www.beeg..com always will be. So fuck him, forget about him, it's cleaned up. That's how significant it was, it took ten minutes to b eeg clean. Wow, well done Derek, you really ruined my day." He smiled and beeg porn videos I had to smile back at him. "Okay?" "Okay." "Now give me a kiss and move over on that couch." He said, pushing himself upright. I obeyed on both counts and beeg sex let him lie alongside me on the couch and cradle me in his strong sure arms. Maybe the vacation didn't have to end just yet after all. I sighed and allowed bee myself to relax slowly in Alex's embrace. "Thanks, Alex." "No problem." He murmured back to me. Maybe it's just me but the absolute best thing about a relationship, about having a boyfriend, is not the sex. For me, it's being able to simply hold someone and be held by them, to enjoy intimacy beeg tubes without worrying about what anyone thinks. And now that he had tried so hard to convince me not to worry about what Derek and beeg ass his cronies thought, or more accurately to remember that I didn't care, that's exactly what I was able www.beeg.com to do. Alex was one hundred percent right, fuck them, this was too good to be ruined by them. To Be Continued Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 13:30:02 sex beeg +0100 From: commentsardveche.co.uk Subject: Educating Alex 13 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ====================== I think a much needed break from writing - and from Alex and bee Ryan in particular - has done me the world of good, and I'm pretty happy again with the way this story is going. So, in a moment of inspiration, I have hammered out this final chapter, despite all my dire pronouncements about beeg anal ending the story for good. So, here it is, the last part. Read this, and I hope it will be beeeg a satisfactory continuation to by far the most beeg indian popular story I've ever written. For those who are seeking them, and can't find them in the absence of my website, my other stories are: Mark and Josh (Beginnings), Copier Guy www beeg.com (Beginnings) and New to this State (High School). P.S. I'm reopening the whole "y'all" can of worms beeg xnxx again, but I stand by the use Alex makes of it, so tube beeg please, please, please don't email me to say *you* don't use it that way! *I* know people who do, ok? DISCLAIMER ========== This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons living or dead www.beeg is entirely coincidental. The author asserts beeg coom all legal and moral rights (copyright (c) 2004 - commentsardveche.co.uk) to this work and you may not copy it or transmit it in any way except in its entirety and with this disclaimer. This story features descriptions of sex between adult males: - if such material is prohibited in your jurisdiction, please DO NOT READ ON, - if you're under the legal age to read such material, please DO NOT READ ON, - if you don't like, or are offended by such material, please DO NOT READ ON. Now, if everyone who is still here is meant to be here or at least aware they shouldn't be, let's get beeg vids on with it. All comments are welcome and gratefully received (email them to commentsardveche.co.uk). EDUCATING ALEX XIII =================== My grandfather's speech perceptibly lightened the mood around the dinner table. It was as though we had all known there was something hanging over us, but nobody had wanted to be the first tube beeg to speak about it. Apart from a slight silence on my father's part, though, the rest of the meal was perfectly pleasant - he knew he was outnumbered and had decided to keep his peace. Otherwise, conversation was light and bantering and a number of questions were asked about Alex, nothing too probing or personal, just my family getting to know more about the man who was soon to be one of them (God help him). Other than that, dinner passed pretty much beeg hot uneventfully, which was a tremendous relief. After I helped my mother wash up I made my excuses and went to bed, for an early night, I felt like I could sleep for a beeg/ month. beeg indian As it turned out, I slept until eleven beegs the beeg 18 following morning and beeeg by the time I got up, it was, once беег again, to an empty house. I moped around the place, making myself some toast and porn beeg talking to myself (ahem) and then returned to my 'bedroom' to take stock of my belongings and prepare for the trip to Alex's house. I had pretty much prepared for the trip to England, which was to last months, but beeg x for some reason I agonized over what to pack for this few days with him and his family. Desperate to make a good first impression? беег Of course! When I was finally happy with my possessions I was, once more, at a loose end. So, with nothing better to do I donned my coat and went for a walk beegporn around the neighborhood, clear my head, say beeg.c goodbye to the old place before setting off on the biggest, and scariest, journey of my life. My mother drove me to the airport alone, my father having said goodbye to me at the house (and he even shook my hand) after I had managed to extricate myself from a tearful sister. So, all in all, a more fond farewell than I had been anticipating from my family, I guess my grandfather really did make his point understood. I sat in silence with beeg.com my mother in the terminal, neither one knowing what to say to the other until my flight was called and beeg.coom my mother hd beeg beeg xvideos kissed my cheek and pressed an envelope into my hand. "Your father and I wanted you to have this, Ryan. We'll both miss you." beeg hot "Thanks, mom, I'll miss you beeg. guys too." "No you won't, you'll teen beeg be too busy enjoying England." "Maybe." I said with a small, weak smile. "I'm proud beegcom of you, Ryan." "I know, mom, but they're calling my flight again, I have to go." "Yes, of course." Was that the beginnings of tears? "I love you, mom." "I know. I love you too, son." She was definitely starting to beeq.com cry now, I couldn't remember when I'd beeg vids last seen her do so. "Now go!" I boarded the plane, stowed the beeg black luggage I was taking to Alex's place and took my seat. Unbidden, tears began to well in beeg 4k my eyes again - I seemed beeg xxx to be spending a lot of my life sitting on planes crying lately. Is this wwwbeeg a positive step in expressing my emotions or the milf beeg first in the slow downward spiral to being a complete flake? Probably the latter. With beeg porn a deep sigh, I pulled myself beeg free together and tried to concentrate on the book I'd brought with me for the flight. Surprisingly, I managed, which if nothing else is a tribute to the beeg x author's skill because the next thing I was conscious of was the beeg. com pilot announcing our imminent arrival. Of course, if you asked me bee what I'd read I might not know in any detail. Oops. So here beeg beeg I was, my first ever time south of the Mason-Dixon line. I was trying to beeg . think of something I knew about these states that hadn't come from 'Deliverance', 'In The Heat Of The Night' or 'Mississippi Burning'. I felt hugely ignorant, here was I about to leave for www.beeg com another country entirely and yet a large and important part of my own was all but unknown to me. Still, the terminal seemed harmless enough beegs as I joined beeg porn the throng; no overweight sheriffs in mirrored sunglasses, no obvious slack-jawed